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Welcome to Thai Mitsuwa Public Co.,Ltd.

      The company initially started operation with 80 employees and 6 molding machines, mainly focusing on home appliances. With the sophistication of market needs actively becoming more multifaceted, the frequent demands have been increasing and have been growing to expand our business together with our customers both domestically and internationally.
      Since then the plant has expanded to 1200 employees along with 125 molding machines and has well established throughout the plastic industry in Thailand, participating to take lead in products such as home appliance, audio- visual, office automation, motorcycle, car mount audio equipment, both interior and exterior equipment for four wheeler vehicles, etc., and working hard day by day to ensure a greater trust from the market.
      In October 2003, the company was listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai). To follow the footsteps in cultivating frontiers, corresponding methods were brought in such as weld less molding injection, paint booths for UV and hard coating. Meanwhile, panels for car audio-visual equipment such as car exterior parts and car mount switches have been developed.

Quality Of Product
 Quality Guarantee

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Best of Product
Deliver the best to our customers.

The factory warehouses have been constructed to store and protect both raw materials and finished goods. Each factory is equipped with a quality control team to ensure only the finest quality products which are delivered to customers around the world.


Technical Support
modern machine to support production.

Thai Mitsuwa Public Company Limited has embraced the modern and global standard used in the manufacturing process to meet the needs of customers with a team of engineers who have rendered its expertise in analysis, design, in every step of production which will have to be thoroughly checked for accuracy before delivery to the customer.


News & Activity
social assistance

Activities across the company's main purpose in creating good relationships and increasing performance as well as work environment .

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